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Thanks for visiting our website at We cover sporting events from marathons to triathlons and mud runs, real estate virtual tours, panoramas and elevated boom shots, corporate PR, pets and personal portrait. We believe we are here to create and preserve the best moments and sights in this beautiful world and share them with anyone who cares to stop and take a moment to look. We are now in our 20th year photographing Marathons and Triathlons nationwide. Have things grown since we started with film. We have created thousands of real estate virtual tours from Manhatan to Montauk and have apppeared on the cover of Profile Magazine and Real Estate Magazine in the New York Times and Wall Street Journal numerous times. We are pet and wildlife lovers by nature; a geographer, cartographer and photographer by training. Family and pet portraits a specialty. If you have any questions regarding our products and services or would like to book us for an upcoming event, commercial or residential property virtual tour, business or personal portrait session, please email us or call 631-421-6700. Thanks again for your interest in our products and services. JC Cherubini